FEDERICO CARPI was born in Bologna (Italy) on 15.1.1940 and was full professor of Civil Procedural Law at the Faculty of law of Bologna University, now Professor emeritus. He holds the following positions in various professional organizations: Director of the High School for advanced legal Studies; Member of the Bar of Bologna; Member of the Academy of Sciences of Bologna; President of the Italian Association of Scholars of Civil Procedure; Honorary President of the International Association of Procedural Law; Member of the Italian Association of Comparative Law; Member of the International Association of Family Law; General Editor of the Quarterly Review of Italian Civil Law and Civil Procedure; dr. h.c. University of Miskolc (Hungary) and University of Arrequipa (Perù); Member of "Académie internationale de droit comparé"; Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium; Member of The Academy of Buenos Aires; President of the Foundation "Enrico Redenti"; President of the Foundation “Lucio Saffaro”. He has written very well known books ("L'efficacia ultra partes della sentenza", translated in Spanish by Peruvian scholar; "La provvisoria esecutorietà della sentenza"; "Arbitrato" e "Arbitrati speciali" new edition 2016) and about two hundred and fifty publications on civil procedural law, arbitration, comparative law, private international law, including a widely used Commentary to the Code of Civil Procedure, Padua, 2015 (together with M. Taruffo). He delivered general reports in many National and International Congress on Procedural Law and held conferences in many countries, all over the world.

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